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Who's your favorite current Niner

David Carr
Originally posted by phatbutskinny:

hey look, it's Kwame Harris
the obvious answers are usually Frank Gore, Patrick Willis, Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree, well like one poster said its Justin Smith for me 2.

I love his motor, he just keep going, I remember when we had a shot at Jared Allen, and went with Justin Smith, I wasnt exactly happy happy, I liked Justin Smith, but obviously Allen is a pass rusher 1st, well SMith is everything type guy, does it all.
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The best Player is hands down Willis but my favorite is Crabtree
but not counting 21,52,94

its gotta crabtree or brooks for me

Vernon and Ahmad
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David Carr
Originally posted by valrod33:

Yes!!!!, Take note of the Username people. By the way nice pic Valrod. Thanks
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Originally posted by LeftBankeNiner:
David Carr

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