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is A. Franklin worth $7million for 1 year?

Tag him, see how he does, if his performance is still very high then show him the money
The only way we should NOT put the tag on Franklin is if we are able to sign a decent NT like Casey Hampton or Vince Wilfork (provided the rumors about him being tagged are false).

$7 mil a year is nothing compared to running a 3-4 without a decent NT and it ain't my money.
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Originally posted by glorydayz:
I think that would be a bad move to give him that kind of loot. PWillis would want upwards of $10-$12mill a year if you give AF that kind of contract franchised or not!

What other NT could we get for $5-$7million a year?

Of course he's worth it!!!!

You think damn near the entire D talks about how good he is just for the hell of it? Do you even watch the game when the D is on the field?

What Franklin gets has NO effect on Willis. That man deserves it. Willis will be making damn near 10mil a year anyway. Wills is arguably the best defensive player in the league, he'll be paid like it.

With that being said, they play different positions homie, you can't really compare contracts.

Oh and Franklin would be getting a $7mil franchise tag, not a $7mil a year contract. Even if he does get the tag, they could still do a long term contract(which doesn't pay him $7mil a year).

And what does Ratliff make a year? Though I think Franklin edges out Ratliff, personally.
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Originally posted by 49AllTheTime:
Originally posted by 49ersRednGold:
Yes is he. He is a clog for our defense. He allows Willis to do what he does best and Willis knows how important Franklin is and has said so to the media. If you don't retain Franklin, Willis may not be too happy.

How many years has he been with the niners? what ever it is..this year(contract year) is the only year he showed up to play

Haha... what?

He had more tackles and forced 2 fumbles the previous year.
What would the Niners do if they didnt tag him? We would have to use one of our top picks on a NT most likely because I dont see anyone on our current roster that is going to be a force in the middle.

Is it too much money? Sure. Do they have much choice? NO. Pay the man and move on.
Originally posted by Chief:
Ain't my money, pay the man.
nooooooooo..... I don't care.
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Absolutely. He's the best DT in the game.
yes, he stepped up, and proved his worth, now lets hope he signs a 3-5 yr deal, with say 15M Guaranteed.

Since Wilfork wants over 25M Guaranteed.
Originally posted by chico49erfan:
Yes he's worth it. Hopefully they can work a long deal out during the season. Then again I hope he doesn't stop playing hard after getting paid like that.

And as for PWilly -- give him ANYTHING he wants.

give patrick willis the world if ya must! and for franklyn sign the guy up! 3-4 nt aint a dime a dozen! and willis and spikes are always praising the man for the work and play he does on the line just hope he aint a greedy s.o.b lol

Originally posted by Chief:
Ain't my money, pay the man.

Originally posted by 49erForLife420:
Originally posted by Chief:
Ain't my money, pay the man.

Yes, we need solid NT play and since Sing took over Franklin has been providing it.
Originally posted by Chief:
Ain't my money, pay the man.

the franchise tag was created exactly for a situation like franklins. a player who has performed under the radar for most of his career then has one great year which happens to be a contract year. Yea if we tag him next year will technically be another contract year but if he can do it 2 years in a row it proves he has consistent ability

we might even tag him next year and keep doing it like how Seattle did to their left tackle
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