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Starters Report Card for 2009 Season 2.o

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Here's my take on the year:

Alex Smith (B-) - He could have produced more given the talent that surrounds him, but overall, he put up some decent numbers.
Frank Gore (A-) - This guy plays hard on every down, it doesn't matter whether he is the receiver, blocker, or runner. However, that fumble in seattle and the cut-back lanes that he consistently miss amount to a A- instead of a A.
Vernon Davis (A-) - He had a phenomenal year. However, from watching the games, you can tell that he can still improve in so many areas. This guy has the potential to set the grading curve or even be the out-lier.
Delanie Walker (B) - He did his job, but he could have done better.
Adam Snyder (D) - He was consistently beat on any type of play.
Chilo Rachal (C) - He got better later on the year, and thus the generous grading.
Eric Heitman (B-) - He seems indecisive at times, perhaps this is due to his lack of confidence in his guards. However, he almost always holds his own against some of the top DT's.
David Baas (C+) - Similar to Rachal, but he was not as Rachal was during the earlier parts of the season.
Joe Staley (B-) - While he does decently against some of the league's best pass rushers, he also gives up at least 1 sack and several pressures to them.
Michael Crabtree (B) - He should have been contributing much sooner, and as much as we try to put that behind us now, his late signing held the team back a lot. With that said, this guy has some of the quickest feet I have ever seen. He can stop on a dime! With more reps with Alex, he can easily be a Torry Holt type player.
Josh Morgan (B-) - His run blocking is very solid, but he seems to play like a basketball player--meaning he jumps for everything and uses his body far too often. He is also more explosive than he is fast, and this is a problem when it comes to stretching the field.

I am too lazy to do defense...
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Originally posted by matt49er:
Originally posted by WINiner:
Justin Smith is in the top three best Dlinemen in the entire league according to stats, and gets a B+.....these rankings are laughable.

exactly, just because Justin Smith doesn't record 15 sacks a year people want to give him a lower grade. This guy is an A+ DE in this league, IMO he is the best 3-4 DE in the NFL right now (name someone better?).

the stats dont lie. ive been working hard to bang the drum for Justin Smith. people didnt realize he was THAT good this year. sounds like alot of zoners are catching on.

the B+ for Smith is laughable indeed, as well as the A for VD, and theres a HUGE myth going around that Dashon Goldson is a really good S.

wow, POST 5,000 wheeee!
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