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My 49ers vs Rams Pictures !!

Hey guys, here are my photos from this past weekend. I went to St Louis sat sun, then flew to SF for the locker clean out. Didnt get a whole lot this year, but i did get another game used Nedney Shoe, VD autoed my Hat next to Nate Davis Auto, and Frank Gore finally signed my 64 yd TD indy ball.

When i showed it to him, he said ya.. id like to have that one back, i just kinda laughed and was like umm yaa frank thats probably not gonna happen, but if you can sign it 64 yd td id appreciate it .

can't believe that Vernon weights 15lbs more than Jackson...they look the same size.

I'd love to have Jackson on our team.

also Vernon and Steven don't look like twins anymore
Awesome photos! Thanks for sharing.

Originally posted by NineFourNiner:
Awesome photos! Thanks for sharing.
Rams Cheerleaders

Thanks all it was a fun year as always.. I posted most of the pics from this week here but as always you can find all of my pictures on

I might goto the probowl, havent decided with it being in miami im kinda blah on it.
What do you do for a living?
Originally posted by kidash:
Originally posted by NineFourNiner:
Awesome photos! Thanks for sharing.
..and i love the cheerleader pics..

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Great pictures!!!!