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WR speed and our 2nd and 3rd spot

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Right now the #2 spot belongs to D. Walker primarily because of his versatility.


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I think you guys tend to over exaggerate what speed means on the field..... Hill and Jones are two of the fastest guys on the team. But straight line speed doesn't mean much in the NFL.

True. Running a straight-line 40 in shorts on a track means little. Neither Hill or Jones are quick or shifty, and they can't fool the CB. Jones has a total of only 9 TD's in 5 years in the NFL. McC paid Jones $16.5 million, but McClown played baseball, not football, and he also apparently doesn't understand that straight-line track speed is much different than change-of-direction football speed.

The 49ers are built (by McC) for power running and have NO real speed threats at either WR or RB. The WR’s are all big power/possession WR’s (Crabtree, Morgan, Hill, Jones, Battle). All of their RB’s are power guys (Gore, Coffee, Robinson, Norris). None of these 9 core 'skill' guys are speed burners or shifty return guys, yet they still can't run the ball, and they are not speedy, so they can't stretch the defense either. This is a sign of tunnel-vision ignorance by the guys constructing the team, and their infatuation with ‘power’ and their blindness to the value of speed and shiftiness. They fail to understand the balance, the yin-yang, that the threat of speedy/shifty guys opens up the power game.

The 9ers are so devoid of speed / open-field threats, I would suggest getting BOTH a speed WR AND a speed RB.

So Willis Lawson Davis 40 times arent good enough for you. Well dez bryant will solve this issue!
Honestly, I think we should draft one more wide out maybe in the middle rounds and than let training camp and preseason sort all that #2 and #3 crap out.
Originally posted by BigDaddy:
Not the WR fault. Everytime I've seen the ball pushed downfield it's been underthrown or overthrown, or off target completely.

People need to remember that passing is about timing and that gets taken care of during the off season. Smith was in a QB competition with Hill so he couldn't really get in sync with his WRs. Then he sat for 8 weeks while Hill played.
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Seriously WR is the last of our problems. Morgan can get open and blocks very well in the run game. Crabs is going to be a legti number 1 in this league (look what he did after missing 2 months and no practice). Vernon Davis is the best best straight down the middle of the field deep threat in the league and we have untapped talent in Brandon Jones and Jason Hill.

If we draft a reciever it better be one that excels at PR/KR otherwise its not a high priority.

Beside the best PR/KR IMHO is CJ Spiller. would be sick coming out of the backfield too. I am not going to stop saying until draft day, DRAFT CJ SPILLER!!!!!!!!
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Originally posted by unst4bl3:

we actually take a lot of shots down field. Alex over throws them, or the wr's drop them. (not an alex hater)

The bad part about our "shots down the field" is the following Offensive drive.

1st down We run from the I-Form up the middle for no gain.
2nd down run the same iform play the opposite direction gain of two
3rd down we do a bubble screen for a loss of two yards.

This is funny and sad at the same time, the play by play guys have this script for all 49ers games.
Originally posted by norcal49er864:
Originally posted by baltien:
I think you guys tend to over exaggerate what speed means on the field. In a way, you already answered your own question. Hill and Jones are probably two of the fastest guys on the team. But straight line speed doesn't mean much in the NFL.

Ability to get open does. After that it's ability to catch. I've watched every Niner game this season and IMO, I don't think either is the issue with them. They just haven't played very much is all. I say come training camp, let Morgan, Hill & Jones battle it out for the #2 and #3 spots. Morgan has done an alright job as number 2, but not well enough to where I'd say he shouldn't be challenged for his spot.

And should you feel like you need an example in the whole speed vs ability argument, just look at Crabtree. On paper, he's probably only faster than Battle.

But the boy has sick hands and is consistently able to get open.

Haha I feel like crabtree is probably a little bit faster than that...

Crabtree is quick. Meaning he makes quick cuts. This causes separation from coverage.
Agree we need a speedy big play maker but it doesn't have to be a WR. Spiller or Best would fill the bill nicely. If Best is still there in the 2nd I'd take him. He might fall because of his injury history. But when he runs the 40 at the Combine he'll probably move up the boards. Everyone has seen what happened with Desean Jackson.
One of the disturbing things in reading about our wideouts is Raye's description of Morgan as fast. Fast? Is he watching the same guy we've seen? Morgan looks like he's running in sand when compared to most others. And he's not particularly quick either. I don't get how Sing and Raye seem so enamored of the guy? The purportedly fastest receiver, who also impressed in camp, can't get playing time (as a receiver, that is) since his return from injury, and that's Jones. And Hill definitely doesn't play at 4.3 speed in pads. I'd love to get a speedy/quick guy for next year AND give Jones a shot to showcase what he can really accomplish when healthy. These last 2 games wouyld have been an ideal opportunity to at least get a glimps more of both Hill and Jones, not to mention Davis at QB. Now we'll have to wait 'til next year!
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