To be honest, I don't think Steve was actually saying Frank Gore should be traded.

I think he was saying that the 49ers shouldn't scrap everything and go to a shotgun formation 100% of the time. He thinks they can still spread the field and call passing plays, but he thinks Smith needs to get comfortable taking snaps from center to allow Frank to run the ball.

Later on he said that you can see that the niners might have something going comparing the niners to the early 90's Cowboys...

Not saying these guys are just as good...but his example was...

A. Smith=Aikman
Gore=E. Smith

The first one is questionable, but we'll see. Gore may not be Emmit, but he is DAMN good. Crabtree may be every bit as good as Irvin...or even better, but he has a long way to go to show that. In my opinion, Davis is MUCH better than Novacek.

The difference tho is that those Cowboy teams had MAMMOTH O-Lines littered with Pro Bowlers.

The Niners don't have least not yet.