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Kawakami: 2 out of 4 have to go. The question: which 2

Everyone is ready to dump Raye, but I believe that the only reason we're so conservative is because that's exactly what Singletary dictates. If Raye is able to run such an effective spread offense, without an offseason and without even practicing it, it could really be something special if he's given the opportunity to explore it.

OCs know that production is the only thing that is going to keep them employed. If Raye had a choice to stick to a vanilla, ineffective rushing attack OR switch to a productive spread attack, he'd choose the spread. Any OC would. Singletary just needs more convincing. If we continue to play ubber-conservative right out of the gates, Raye will be forced to spread it out in the 2nd half.

Singletary needs to get on board. His style doesn't fit this team's ability. His job is to utilize his players to the best of their abilities. Mike, either adapt or get gone.

bring this guy in
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