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young team is better than saying lacking talent

I agree we still have room to add more talent but we do have talent on this team and there is no excuse for coming out and playing like we did in the 1st half. IMO, right now if we played Oakland, the Raiders would beat us.

They have talent but it's just average. time for people to stop killing coaching and really look at this roster.

QB below average
O line way way below average
Wr's average at best
TE above average
RB above average
D line average played like crap today
Linebackers average
Pass rush way way below average
secondary below average

Plus the cutting of Rossum has crushed the niners special teams. Punt/kick return's haven't existed since he's been cut. Horrible move especially with a team that really really needs to have field position. Add in rookie coaching and you have what we see on the field. Yes coaching is a problem but talent is the main problem on this team. And once again it all starts at the top. Bad inexperienced owners make bay hires. Bad hires make more bad hires and bad roster moves.

that below average qb has to keep bringing the team back from 20 point deficits

Like the game against TEN?