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Blame Singletary thread

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big thing i think people are forgetting, we cudn't convert on 3rd and inches and ended up not converting on 4th...this ended the drive with no points where i feel we should have gotten atlest 3.....we need to change the way we approach short line situations
We need an offensive minded head coach, one who understands the modern NFL.

With the QB, receivers, TE, and RB we have our offense could take off with a couple upgrades to the OL, and the right philosophy.
WOW.. We had freaking 9 days to prepare for this game.

And thats what you give us?

They look lost and didn't know what they wanted to do.
No way the 9ers fire a BLACK coach in his first year. Just isn't done.
Call me crazy but I think that Martz would have this Offense in the top 5 of the league
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Originally posted by ads_2006:
Singletary needs to learn this power game isnt going to work with our current oline.

He needs to realize that asap, these past three weeks should have been an eye opener. We can only hope for next week to be different.

I think Raye gets blamed unfairly as well. I think he is doing what Singletary tells him to do. When we get behind and need to open the playbook up, Raye does.

Oh well, guess we'll see if he can learn that next year.
He is out matched in every category as a HC. Just look who did he pick for his OC?
Fire Singletary for being a dumbass.
Originally posted by obx49:
It's time for a change...

this and some new refs that call was f**king stupid
f**k you singletary u piece of s**t! When are u going to stop telling me and start showing me! FIRE SINGLETARY!

It has been clear since the Texans game, that this offense and it's personnel are better when in the spread formation (with 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 Gore).

Every game since the Texans game falls on the Coaching staff for not realizing this.

Like the saying goes, (paraphrasing)
The man who never changes his mind is a fool
The man who changes his mind is a genius
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Originally posted by dmatt:
Originally posted by obx49:
It's time for a change...

We need coach chin. He fits our personnel.

At this point, I'd take any of them.
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Originally posted by backontop:
Call me crazy but I think that Martz would have this Offense in the top 5 of the league

It was in the top 15 last season with the same O basically. Only vernon wouldnt have the same year that he is having now.
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Originally posted by PRIMETIME21:
im starting to think the same thing, firing martz, hiring a retard like raye, cuting rossum, the marry go round at punt returner, questionable challenges, WTF man bring in holmgrem.

he wants to be smash mouth run first, yet we don't have the horses to do it and his stubborness had us on a downward path of running so much. crabtree davis morgan even gore are all passing threats, correct me if im wrong but i think were a passing team.

Yeah and I want a 10 inch D#$k, not going to happen, they have wasted valuable time trying to make Smith into Shaun Hill. It's not just Smith the whole O seems to respond to a more wide open attack , and yet here they are trying the same tired crap until they're down 20. Why attack on O as well as D
His brand of football sucks. We do nothing until things get desperate, and if we do have the lead, we shut things off. I see no SB coming out of this ever.
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