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Blame Singletary thread

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After being proved more than once that we play better (both run and pass) with a spread formation, to waste the entire first half with two-back sets is INEXCUSABLE and downright FIREABLE!
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Worse than Nolan.
The smash-mouth, run-first mentality is not working no matter how many times we try it.

The spread offense Patriots style works all the time, even when the opponent knows we're doing it.

Someone deliver that message to Singletary/Raye ASAP.
Singletary being so stubborn in still trying to be a running team is horrible. All the blame goes on him because he does not acknowledge that we do not have the OL to become that team right now.
i blame singletary
this is my new favorite thread

im starting to think the same thing, firing martz, hiring a retard like raye, cuting rossum, the marry go round at punt returner, questionable challenges, WTF man bring in holmgrem.

he wants to be smash mouth run first, yet we don't have the horses to do it and his stubborness had us on a downward path of running so much. crabtree davis morgan even gore are all passing threats, correct me if im wrong but i think were a passing team.
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It's time for a change...

Singletary needs to learn this power game isnt going to work with our current oline.

He needs to realize that asap, these past three weeks should have been an eye opener. We can only hope for next week to be different.

I think Raye gets blamed unfairly as well. I think he is doing what Singletary tells him to do. When we get behind and need to open the playbook up, Raye does.

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He brought in Raye. Also, whoever is responsible for us not building the o-line, McCloughan? should be gone too.
I don't understand why we need to be down 20+ points to finally go to an offense that plays toward the strengths of our QB and our WR's. Not only that but Gore seems to have more YPC average when running out of the shotgun.
I want Shanahan or Holmgren as HCs only! We need to have a real GM.
We are SO built for the spread!!

Gore (a receiving back), Davis, Crabtree, Morgan, Jason Hill, Bruce, Delanie Walker.....with a quarterback who excels in that kind of offense in Alex Smith.
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Originally posted by obx49:
It's time for a change...

We need coach chin. He fits our personnel.
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