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I know this is rash... but do we start wilhelm over takeo?

I know this is rash... but do we start wilhelm over takeo?

Originally posted by susweel:
I swear some of you are just so dramatic.

Dude makes a couple of tackles and now u wonna start him. TKO has not played poorly.
Originally posted by horsecore:
Originally posted by NineFourNiner:



But, I don't think it would hurt to rotate him and McKillop in at times.

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Hell to the NO!!! Wilhelm Ive never seen play until recently, Although He's played well he's no Takeo. Takeo compliments Willis very well and they have good chemistry on the field, that's a tandem I'd hate to see dismantled
All things being equal, then no.
Originally posted by BirdmanJr:

Spikes is a veteran and takes too many plays off. Wilhelm is hungry and will play hard every play. Yes, Wilhelm over an injured 30 something at the end of his career. Titans rb wouldn't have scored at the end of the game last week if Spikes hadn't slowed up at the end of the play when he thought the rb was going to be tackled or pushed out of bounds. Its crap like that that makes Skikes play so inconsistant. If Spikes would have continued hard then he could have leveled the rb out at the 3 instead of the TN getting a td.
Wilhem doesn't seem to have the bulk and strength to take on lead blockers on a regular basis. Does he even have muscles? HLook at his arms, he might be the scrawniest LB in the NFL. I'd say hell no.
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and thats why the chargers released him..haha
Originally posted by 915Niner915:
and thats why the chargers released him..haha

That's flawed logic - he very well could pan out to be nothing but lots of good players are released due to roster limitations and salary cap restrictions.

Harvey Dahl is a good example of that. The Niners released him so he must of stunk, right?
just to let you guys know, i favor takeo... but i just wondered what you guys thought... so dont go sayin stuff about me
Originally posted by Ninerman49:
It seems to me that takeo has lost a step and seems to be injury prone.. While I love the experience and passion he brings to the defense, I think willhelm is quicker to the hole..

maybe i am wrong, i dont know.. In watching the game thats how it felt though... that guy seemed to be all over the field when he came in

stupid post of the day man! Takeo Spikes is still a VERY good ILB, on alot of teams most teams at that he would be the man inside for them. He has a couple good years left and just because Wilhelm made what 5 tackles in a game you want to unseat Spikes? he and willis make the best ILB combo in the nfl why mess with that?
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