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Crabtree Curse

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I can't belive that a*****e got paid to wright that piece of s**t.
Originally posted by nyninerfan:
I can't belive that a*****e got paid to wright that piece of s**t.

seriously, im out of a job. I could write the same s**t for slightly less.
Crabtree gave in not the niners
article fail
Originally posted by Genius1310:

I heard that crap coming home from work yesterday.
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i know the week of the atlanta game when he signed we have been on a four game losing streak , but also let's be honest besides the indy . our point production has went up 7 points, also if j.hill is starting and a combination of j. raye gets hit in the head we may become a explosive offense
Theres a thread on this already on the front page.

I usually like TMQ, but he's been harping on a Crabtree Curse since after the ATL loss. It's just ridiculous. Our offense was exposed as the fraud that it WAS with Hill and without Crabs by Atlanta and even the Rams to some extent. As soon as Crabs came in he, he produced and we've been close in every game since Smith took over. We're just mired in a tough, unlucky losing streak largely a product of our own mistakes.
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ESPN is staring to sound like those gossip magazines, can't they come up with some credible sh%t
Somebody got paid to write this.

crabtree has had nothing to do with our losses, he hasnt had a direct impact on the outcome of the games in the losing category
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