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Get ready to see Robinson at RB vs Chicago

Frank Gore has a left eye swollen shut from a poke in the eye.

Glen Coffee has already been declared out with a concussion.

The Niners must play about 72 hours from now.

Michael Robinson is the only "healthy" RB available. I expect that the game plan will be put together with the expectation that Robinson will be the RB for the majority of this game. The Robinson "haters" on this board (not me) will just love that anticipation!

I expect Robinson to be replaced as the KR in this game, because of his value as a RB in this game. The logical KR replacement, Delanie Walker, is also dinged-up. Why not give a 'tough guy" like Morgan a shot as KR this week?
I bet Gore plays. Hes a monster and too determined, if he can see at all he'll play.
Larry Johnson anyone?
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Nah...we NEED this...Gore will Man Up.
Originally posted by ninerfan4life:
Larry Johnson anyone?

ill pass. Gore will play with Robinson behind him and im just fine with that
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Originally posted by ninerfan4life:
Larry Johnson anyone?

Signing a player who hates gay people...yes, that should provide some good entertainment.
Gore played half the game yesterday with one eye.

He'll play against the Bears. His eye will heal in time.

Gore will start, IMO.
A puffy eye will not stop Gore

Kory Sheets anyone. haha
I'm not questioning Gore's toughness. He has proved that many times over. But I am saying that an RB, any RB, who has a vision problem, should not be expected to last very long in an NFL game. If an RB doesn't have peripheral vision and depth of vision, he just can't be effective and will be vulnerable to serious injury and to becoming a serious turnover liability. Frank may start, but I suspect that Robinson will be at RB early and often in this game. For those who haven't observed Robinson during TC, he is a very sure pass receiver and a talented pass protector. We can see that Robinson has no fear as a ball carrier, but his elusiveness is lacking.
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So I shouldn't order the sports package to see this game then?

Since we're gonna be playing out of a spread-offense the rest of the season, I don't see how Gore won't play.
what jackass poked his eye, I thought gore wore that plastic thing on his helmet
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