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Hope Dilfer Is Wrong About Singletary

Originally posted by TexasGuero49:
From 1980 to 2003 we had a top 15 offense,most of the time top 5.

2008---23rd--(massive improvment..)

I don't know who got hired or fired between 03 and 04 season, but somebody in the front office had a major brain fart. We can't crack the top 20 in 5 going on 6 years now. THIS IS UNEXCEPTABLE OFFENSIVE PRODUCTION.

Who's leg do you got to hump around here to get some production.

Somebody tell me so I can get to humping....

Wow that is pretty depressing....

And havent we had a "run first" philosophy most of those years. You would think a new OC would evaluate all this and say, "ok, SCRAP it all...we're doing the opposite."

Oh well.
Originally posted by Nes49:
Originally posted by djfullshred:
For sure there is not the trust factor at this point where Singletary would try to change a lot of things up just to tailor the offense to suit Alex Smith. He wouldn't even be starting if Hill ended up better than what he turned out to be.

Maybe not outright...but slowly.....Alex Smith has proven one so far....thingz will be different....

Sure, I agree Nes. Smith has to be consistent, and prove himself each week. If he keeps that up, I'm sure the tight reigns will continue to loosen up as the weeks go by.
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