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Bring Nolan back?

Now that we are 3 and 4, what do you guys think...

Should we bring Nolan back as our HC or Def Coordinator?

He is doing a great job in Denver.

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I've seen it all now.
yeah this guy isnt a spammer...
First of all, no.

Second of all, no.

Third, why would he leave the Broncos?

Lastly, no.

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No, Erickson's the man for the job. Maybe we can get TDon too.
Lets bring back Brandon Lloyd too


Thanks for all the questions, guys. It's obvious from the questions that you know what the problems are with the team and the possible soluations. I've always said, a well-educated fan base is the most frustrated fan base in the world. No sheep here ...

Obviously, Matt hasn't been around here much.
Originally posted by Norwalks_Best:

Good God, now I've heard it all here at the zone.
Sorry but this thread isn't gonna happen
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