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Niners in need of a KR/PR threat?

I think its sad that we're relying on on Andy Lee to get the job done on special teams, dont get me wrong Andy Lee has a foot on em, but we need a scoring threat on special teams, weve done O.K. on special teams except for......duh, SCORING.
Well, for some dumb reason, we cut Rossum who gave us that best chance. Robinson isn't bad as a KR, but our PR are...

We had one....Allan Rossum. Singletary is an idiot.
Yes they do. This is a major area of concern.
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ill seriouslly just be happy with someone who doesnt muff the punt or fumble
For some reason this coaching staff/administration believes that slow and plodding trumps explosive and dynamic.

I mean who would want to see a Tedd Ginn/Eddie Royal/Joshua Cribbs/Darren Sproles/Devin Hester type returning kicks when you can have Michael Robinson, Delanie Walker, or Arnaz Battle?

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Maybe spurlock can....He has to be on the roster for a reeason
No, I won't bring up the fact that we could've drafted DeSean Jackson last year.
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