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Getting some respect from the Colts

Originally posted by grizzlyadams:
Didn't get the win, but at least the opposing team took notice!

I'm not a moral victory kind of guy.
Yea until the record includes moral victories the 9ers have a losing record
So, how many of you actually thought we'd even be in the game yesterday? Come on now, be honest. I bet not many of you were realistically thinking we'd have a lead at any point or that Smith would throw one more TD than Manning. Or that our defense would be able to keep Peyton out of the end zone for the whole 60 minutes. I think some of you guys have unrealistic expectations for the team, we are not as good as many of you think, but we are making progress. We are one good off season from being a real contender in my opinion. If we can just get the offensive line worked out and continue to build chemistry between our weapons on offense, we will be a force to be reckoned with. Of course if we were to get a more aggressive play caller (Maybe Turner gets canned in SD) we would be better off. All I am saying is that for the first time in 7 years we look like a competitive team, it looks like we have a QB to build around finally and a defense that can keep us in games against top tier teams when the offense lets them rest.
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