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Most frustrating part of the game?

Originally posted by RonMexico:
the score
Originally posted by Bali-Niner:

Well man, I think we better get out Thesaurus out, dictionaries, and every other tool to come up with new phrases.. Sucks, is just not enough of word to adequately describe what he does to take the O out of games..

Gotcha. Amen brother.

Here is a start:

'abhorrent, appalling, atrocious, awful, beastly, dangerous, desperate, dire, disastrous, disturbing, dreaded, dreadful, fearful, frightful, ghastly, gruesome, harrowing, hateful, hideous, horrendous, horrid, horrifying, inconvenient, loathsome, monstrous, obnoxious, odious, offensive, petrifying, poor, repulsive, revolting, rotten, serious, severe, shocking, unfortunate, unnerving, unpleasant, unwelcome, vile.'

That seems about right...
this receiving core + Smith starting + 2 more good O-linemen + our defense + Martz playcalling = superbowl ring
Originally posted by FourNine49:
The 3rd and 7 where we got called for a delay of game. Then got sacked on 3rd and 12, taking us out of FG range

This was the moment in the game that f*cked us up the most i think i broke my knuckle punching the wall after that sack happened
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EVERY second and LONG draw play!!!

but whatcha gonna do....
Originally posted by NickV:
The FB dive on 2nd and 20
Losing Staley when we are already thin at OL.
the score!
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Jeez, we had this game at the half. I just don't know what to say.
Originally posted by GolittaCamper:
the score!

Watching Alex Smith fall apart on the final drive again.
Originally posted by RonMexico:
the score
we are still not converting on 3rd down 2 for 10 a lousy 20% while the colts were 8 for 19 42%

Got to convert on 3rd downs.
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The most frustrating part is the feeling that the HC, OC, QB, and WRs are not on the same page. Jimmy Raye keeps messing up our momentum with his ridiculous play calls. I want us to be a well-oiled machine, but it's hard when the OC isn't using his tools properly. Very frustrating. This must change next week or I will officially give up on Jimmy Raye.

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Most Frustrating? It has to be the fact that the 49ers always draw up a run play on 1st down. So predictable!!!
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