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If you were Jed what would you do (if we miss the playoffs) ?

If you were Jed what would you do (if we miss the playoffs) ?

Right now after the indy loss things doesn't look too good
waisting a lot yes A LOT of football talent on the gridiron, having no game plan on offense and a below average special teams
Defense is top 5 in stats with a better offense
Raye = Hostler
Sing seems to have lost his fast ball this year
Cardinals probably 5-2 and they'll probably win the division with us missing the playoffs
If you are Jed York what would you do now, next week, at the end of the 2009 season (it's up to you) ???

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You let McCloughan have one final offseason to improve the holes on this team.
I think Raye just needs a good b***h slapping. Open up the f**king offense for the entire game.
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Your write another op on the chronicle apologizing for another abysmal season

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Fire Raye.

Maybe Holmgren would take an OC only position if he's committed to not going back to being a HC.

have a temper tantrum
Tell Coach Singletary & Raye to open up the offense & use personnel we have to attack teams, not play to not lose!
Originally posted by tohara3:
Tell Coach Singletary & Raye to open up the offense & use personnel we have to attack teams, not play to not lose!

Plus acquire some more talent on the offensive line, safety, add some more pass rushers in the off season, and then develop some continuity on this. This is a much surer path to success than just firing people.
everyone is blaming the the HC or the GM but look at what the team has done especially in the colt game. The coach is coaching & the GM has got us players(though he does deserve the knock for the line but i think they had a plan but things didn't happen the way they wanted. the line will get handle in the off season)i only have one problem with the team. that's the OC. give us a better OC & i think we're 7-1. The only game we loose is the atl game. I don't think we win that with a better OC, that was just a bad game.
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If you were Jed what would you do (if we miss the playoffs) ?

I would have known that we weren't/aren't a real serious playoff team quite yet. So I'd sit back and watch our team continue to improve and head in the right direction.

While keeping a close eye on Scotty and his offseason moves. Also keeping an eye on Coach Mike to see how he handles the losing I knew we'd endure this season.

All the while knowing 2010 should have been/should be our year to really be perennial playoff contenders.

Depends on how we finish. Obviously, the weaknesses on this team:

- the entire o-line
- lack of an edge pass-rusher
- questions at QB position
- questions about offensive philosophy

To be honest, assuming Alex Smith finishes out the season, we'll know if he's the future, I think. He doesn't have to turn into a 100+ QB rating, all-pro quarterback, but he just has to show us that he can be an NFL starting QB... One who can make all the throws, avoid pressure, limit turnovers, make quick decisions, manage the game, and show he can win. So far, I think he's showing that (except the winning part, but he's only played 1.5 games on a team with some problems), but he has to do it on a consistent basis.

I think the offensive philosophy will smoothen itself out this season. The problem is... when? I think by the time we adapt and play to our strengths, we would've already missed the playoffs.

But if I was Jed York, I would keep McCloughan for another season. Singletary deserves a year or two (unless we have a meltdown and lose the rest of our games). On offense, I want to retain continuity. I'll keep Raye. Overall though, I'd let them handle it. I'd give them another season to get us into the playoffs.

But I'd tell McCloughan... FIX THE O-LINE and GET US A PASS-RUSHER! We have pass-rushers who can produce, but no one that can consistently harass the opposing QB.
Originally posted by AXEGRINDER:
have a temper tantrum

I'll fire SM,Raye and tell Sing he has one year to get it right. for F*** sake get a real OC Please.
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