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Moral Victory?

Moral Victory?

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I didn't vote because the poll is completely retarded in its' black and white choices.

1. There are no moral victories in the NFL.

2. We didn't play horribly enough in my book to say that we must "start over".

Alex showed what he was capable of in the last drive of the first half. Raye decided he knew better....and you have the result that you have.

What else is there to say?
one moral victory a year is all that's allowed. Anymore than that and it just becomes another loss.
If the league went with moral victories as opposed to real victories, the 49ers would be a dynasty this decade. I remember games in '05 and '06 when the team lost and people called it a moral victory. Here we are in '09 and fans are still doing the same. The fact that 5 years after hitting rock bottom this team is still losing and calling it a moral victory is really pathetic. Winning and losing close games is what separates the elite from the mediocre and sorry teams. The fact that this team loses close games shows is still far away from elite.
For some reason this hurts more then the Viking game to me...
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Originally posted by redmanc07:
For some reason this hurts more then the Viking game to me...

It doesn't hurt because I didn't expect us to win to be honest. The only way you can beat that Colt team is to blow them out.

Peyton is too good in close games....he'll find a way to beat you....doesn't matter how good your D is. Our D played well enough for us to win (as usual, Falcon game would be an exception) if we had even a semblance of consistency on offense today, we might have pulled it off.
Originally posted by mayo63:
We are getting better people. Evey game we play a little better next thing you know we'll be CONTENDERS.

Agree we are geting better also. We need alot of victories over these next few weeks with this moral victory. I'm really excited to see what Alex can do in this offense if the reins get taken off a bit more.
We were competitive with a better team. We were in a position to win. So the issue is to tune up the weak parts, if possible, and get ready for next week. So yes, we had a moral victory if we can improve next week and get a win.
I expected us to get blown out, so the fact we were competitive was a moral victory, for whatever that's worth. Unfortunately, until our offense actually starts attacking teams instead of holding the ball for three plays at a time, we can probably expect more losses like this one.
is there a limit to Moral Victory? it just seems like a loss to me

Originally posted by Chico:
I say it was a moral victory! compared to where we were a few years ago, Alex is now a stud with tons of potential. Crabtree is a stud, our D-Fence played great! Plus, we just played one of the best teams in the league and hung in there all game...

Gentlemen...our schedule only gets easier!

The defense is playing great football. We have to find a way to keep scoring and maintainig the lead. I think Alex is on the right track to make it happen.
Originally posted by blunt_probe:
I like Alex now, but anyone calling this a moral victory can shove it up their ass as far as I'm concerned. They only scored 18 pts, Manning was off, and they had no running game. There was no excuse to lose this one.

Manning was off because of our defense. They basically beat us with a trick play.
I'm not a moral type of guy ... You play the games to win.... seriously, we got alot of good pieces so we don't need to blow up the team but we really need to address the issues we haven't... O Line and Pass Rush... Go Niners!!!
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