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Moral Victory?

Moral Victory?

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We can't afford any damn moral victories. We're 3-4 and lost a game we should have won, no moral victories.
Originally posted by mayo63:
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Originally posted by mayo63:
We are getting better people. Evey game we play a little better next thing you know we'll be CONTENDERS.

and when will that be? 2013? 2020?

Next year my friend, next year.

Ok, but if they don't I'm going to cry.
No. What are you talking about? We lost the goddamn game. Just like we lost last week's "Moral victory" game. At the end of the season, all that matters is a win or loss.

Nobody remembers or cares how much you lost by.

This team's offense is a piece of s**t.
They played great today. Offense will grow give it time!
Originally posted by tjd808185:
If we keep it up with these moral victories we're going to be mathematically eliminated from the playoffs 2 weeks from now.

Too bad moral victories don't count in the standings. That being said, I think the Niners now have the parts to put a good offense together. I think Smith is going to keep getting better and that Crabtree will be a premier receiver. One (or both) of those firsts ought to really allow the Niners to address the O-Line. Maybe free-agency as well. I'm optimistic. I think the Niners are almost there. I just hope the staff starts to realize that this team is going to be more suited to running three and four receiver sets.
Originally posted by PRIMETIME21:
NO im done with moral victories, its been too long since we been in the playoffs , its win or get lost in my book.

This talk about moral victories make me want to

It reminds me of the pathetic individual who slaps on the blinders and continues to believe and defend the lies and broken promises of his lying, cheating whore of a girlfriend, when everybody he knows keeps telling him she's a lying, cheating whore!

The Promises: This team has a new culture. This team will impose its will on other teams. This team will feature a dominating run game. This team will not have another losing season!!!!


no, the hole point in moral victories is to learn from the mistakes. we already had our moral victories in the vikings game cause we didn't finish which we didn't do today. last week they in houston was one too. so no i wouldn't call this a moral victory but i heard vd call this game a stepping stone game which is what i would call this game more than this being a moral victory, i think there was bad offensive play calling that kept this from being a victory.
No. Didn't the same thing happen versus the Vikings. We got a lead and started sitting on the ball. Then they came back and beat us. If any thing, the players must be really down from this. I'm predicting a loss for next week.
The ownership and sr management (VP and above) do take a vote after each again to determine the real result after making some necessary adjustments. All the votes are in except Singletary, the collective wisdom determined that this game was a win. However, to record it as a win on our management scoreboard, it must be unanimous. Singletary holds the all important deciding vote.
stop posting

At half time we had a 4 point lead and this became a winnable game. All we needed to do was to have the defense keep up the great job they were doing, which they did. Our offense needed to score 1 TD preferable 2 or a field goal but Raye got out coached at the half when Indy made better adjustments. To get shut out points wise is inexcusable putting too much pressure on the defense to contain an elite team like Indy.

This team has the talent to win NOW. The problem is we have an OC who consistently gets out coached. Raye is a mediocre OC at best and the league knows it, however we are probably stuck with him through next year until Sing replaces him with our QB coordinator or Rathman.

I am tired of hearing how we are just one more draft/FA away from having the players needed to be a playoff team. We have the players now but our coaches need to get the job done.
No, it wasn't a moral victory, but the 9ers have become competitive with the one exception of that Falcons game. I've long thought that the really good teams find a way to win the close games, which doesn't say good thing for the 9ers with respect to the Vikings and Colts games, but they are getting closer. I still think next season is going to be the 9ers season, but there were plenty of positive signs in today's game even though it ultimately ended up being a close loss.
Will all these moral victories get us to moral play-offs!

I didn't thinks so F moral victories, I want winners!
I say no but we don't need to start over and we don't need to start over! The 2nd half of last week was a morale victory...this week, it has gotten old...
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