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Should I wear my #11 on Sunday???

Originally posted by carl:
Originally posted by valrod33:
if you wear it this week and we lose, its all on you man

I can't handle that kinda pressure. It stays in the closet.

mine will too, going to wear 15 !
I have yet to buy an AS jersey but if I had one I would wear it this Sunday. I agree w/PA, wear what you feel like wearing. I will be wearing my VD jersey
Originally posted by cNiner:
wear your 15 on sunday leave 11 alone for a while until he proves he can do it more than one half !

yea im definitely wearing 15!
Originally posted by billybonka:
people still have alex smith jerseys

Dude i wanted to burn it with Crabtree when he was holding out then what happen both starters and palying well , go figure ?????????????????
I'd rep it!!!!
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Originally posted by 9erluv415:
I'd rep it!!!!

Best of all, I guess it's a "throw back" jersey now that the Niners have new uni's. LOL!!!

I just can't bring myself to wear it. He's got some making up to do for me to sport it again. Too many games I wore that stupid thing and he was making highlights for the bloopers video.

BTW, saw a #15 jersey opening weekend in AZ. That was just wrong.
stop being such a woman. wear whatever the hell u want.
Originally posted by 9erluv415:
I'd rep it!!!!

rep what and who's jersy ??????????????
Wear it!! "Gotta support the team." -Puddy

You own it, why not wear it?
If Smith doesn't do well during his opportunity this season, you may never have a chance to wear the jersey again, so you better take advantage of every chance you get.

Should I wear my Hill jersey? lol j/k I don't have one.
I haven't worn my Smith jersey since the 06 season when we had Turner as our OC.

I have to see if it still fits!
im gonna wear my away crabtree jersey since we are away, and then next week ill wear my home smith jersey!
the game is at 10, if i shower before that i'll wear it
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