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Raye, naturally, was not ready to say that the 49ers will go pass-crazy from now until January.

He logically pointed out that the success in the second half against Houston came when the 49ers were down 21-0 and had to throw the ball.

"I think the illusion of what happened the second half of the Houston game has everybody, or most people thinking that we've discussed this new mecca or utopia kind of deal," Raye said.


Sounds like Raye agrees with Baldinger

Actually let's finish the quote from that article:

The 49ers still want to set the stage for Gore to win games for them, and that's not dumb and never was.

But how do you win with Gore if defenses are set to stop him? You have to throw it. You have to want to throw it.

Seems so obvious now, with Crabtree in the lineup, changing almost everything.

How does finishing the quote change anything? Its clear both Raye and Baldy are making the same point - that the offense we saw in the second half of the Texan game isn't the offense we should expect to see all the time.

This offense still runs through Gore, not the spread concept. If anything, finishing the quote strengthens Baldy's position, not weakens it.

My bad for not explaining myself more.

Baldy assumes that we ran a spread for most of the 2nd half and we didn't. This was proved by both Sando and MM. The 49ers attacked the Texas mostly out of a 2 TE, 2 WR, 1 RB formation where they did run some, but definitely threw it more successfully. Part of the strategy was play-action, but most of the strategy was not just running into a wall, but throwing it. I disagree with Baldy if he thinks this was an illusion.

Raye says in that same article:

Can the Crabtree-Smith team-up alter the 49ers' devotion to running the ball early and often against defenses stacked to stop the early often run game?

There are hints. The 49ers are 3-3 and no longer in first place. They need a changeup.

"We're not going to be stubborn and try to jam a square peg into a round hole," Raye said of the struggling run game.

Yes, Smith may have thrown more than usual, but assuming we're going to return - as Baldy says - to being this "rushing team" or that the 49ers are "built for the run", if anything that's more of an illusion that Smith's success. The 49ers aren't this "power rushing team." You're not a rushing team when you're at the bottom 3rd of the league in rushing. Sure we can run the ball, but this offense is a non-starter without the pass, like it has been.

They have to throw and throw more often, more consistently and effectively than they have previously. I think this is what Raye is saying (and Singletary during the presser).
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