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Parayl Haralson

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It's so funny when fans can't spell players names on there favorite team.




It's so funny when people can't spell the words from their favorite language.

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Heard he's been living up to the money. Used to watch game film with his girl during the week last season. Now, he's out clubbing with his flavor of the night. He might straighten out by season's end. If not, you can bet one of those first round picks is going towards an OLB prospect to push him.

Side Note: Its Parys. He pronounces it like the city "Paris".

God damned slacker. Sing should bench his ass.

I don't know. A lot of the single guys go out during the week. It's like any job, in some respects. Most young guys go out. The problem is that an NFL is so short that it forces young men, if they want to be great, to mature very quickly. Spend time studying film in your mid twenties instead of being young and having fun. It's a tough business. Right now, Parys is just being young. Unfortunately, the game will not wait for him to grow up.

that's not tough man come on watching football? If I was blessed with that ability I would work as hard as possible why would you ever want to slack and look back and have regrets.

Yeap. We need him to play well NOW. We paid him to be the guy that he was last season, not to screw around with 15 different chicks. We need him sacking guys like Peyton Manning not sacking every different chick he sees at the club. I know he wants to be a young man but that's what the offseason is for. This is his job, Brooks is playing better than he is. He's on notice, if he doesn't get his ish together ASAP then bench him for Brooks IMO.
For the most part, Singletary's been true to his word about getting the best 11 guys on the field. With Haralson not getting the kind of pressure he was expected to, Coach will look to others who can. Brooks is the first player to come to mind...I really think all he needs is some steady PT and we'll see good results.
I have been disappointed in Parys too. I've been one of his biggest supporters but he just hasn't been getting the pressure he needs to. Same with Manny. OLB is the weakest part of our d right now.
What happend to our Sack leader of last year he just dissapeared all of a sudden this season

15 tackles & ONLY 1 sack!!!!

thank god other guys have stepped up to put a decent pas rush against the opponent's & the sack's our spread through the D
this guy has disappeared
coverage sacks is all that he can produce
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