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Which side of the ball are you concern about, with the Colts Game this Sunday

Which side of the ball are you concern about, with the Colts Game this Sunday

We cant stop them from scoring TDs.
Our defense.

I've mentioned this before that pass-catching TEs create mismatches for us. Take the latest example of Owen Daniels and Anothony Gonzalez. We had no answer for either of them. We went to such an extreme that we put Clements on Daniels at one point.

To me, it's out biggest vulnerability and yet now we're going to face probably the best TE in the league in Dallas Clark. I hope that Lewis will play and be able to contain him.

Brian Jennings.

He'll be long-snapping a lot more than usual..........
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You kidding me this is a game we are supposed to lose, even if we were undefeated, the D was playing at their best every week, the running game was hitting on all cylinders and hill doing what he did last year up to now, we still would be EXPECTED to lose. There is no worry what so ever this week. This team has nothing to lose period. They have everything to gain. This is like a free scrimmage agents the leagues very best. Zero pressure. AND we have a brand new O to play with. Crabtree, Smith heck even Sing singing the praises of the spread formation. They are free to play lose do their thing and let the chip fall where they may.

Going to be a fun one to watch no matter what happens
Offense..... especially the right side of the o-line

doesn't matter how good the defense is. Peyton Manning is gonna do his thing.
Defense. With the way our defense has played against the pass the past 2 games, going against Peyton Manning and the high flying Colts will be a huge challenge
Can't wait to see how the whole team plays this weekend!
Originally posted by x49ersx123:
Even if our Offense improves with Alex Smith, It will very difficult to stop Peyton Manning and that offense, and the way our defense is playing I don’t know if we can stop him

I'll be scared everytime a football enters the air this game.
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Originally posted by Joecool:
I'm not worried about any side of the ball. The Colts are the ones who better be worried because we are going to slap them with the right, then come back with the right hand for the biatch slap and follow that with a left hook.

Peyton Manning will be crying.

49ers Peyton Manning
I gotta say the "pointy side" because it's indoors and turnovers (ala Battle's muff) could play a pivotal role

Oh, you're talking about the lines -- If the DL and OL play shows up from the second half we'll be aigght

whatever side Manning grips
Both. D has been sucking, and I hate our o-line.
Look. We know the Colts are gonna put up 20 to 30 points minimum. They always do. We know we have some guys that can play ball on defense. They held a very good Texans team to 3 2nd half points Sunday. Sure they gave up 21 in the 1st half, but the offense left the defense hanging with all of those 3 and outs. In the 2nd half, the 49ers kept the ball more.

I think the best defense against the Colts is a good offense that can move the chains and hold the ball. Manning can't score if he doesn't have the ball. The offense has to move the ball and have no more than 1 or 2 three-and-outs in order to keep pace with the Colts.

I say I'm worried about the offense more than the defense.
im worried about the scoreboard shorting out because of the amount of points indy is gonna score...jk lol..obviously the defensive side because i dont wanna get b***hslapped by manning
The top and bottom. Not the middle so much.
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