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Disapointed in our defense

Originally posted by dust-7:
Originally posted by jreff22:
If they keep kicking FG's and we don't score TD's we lose.

Then we lose. The scenario was that the opponent had reached FG range.

We all say - on the gameday threads - HOLD THEM TO A FG! That's what the defense can do.

Or force a turnover!

Very true but we can hold them to FG's all day long...s**t we can hold every team to FG's every week and be rated in the top 5 for every D category. But if the O isn't scoring points we lose. Aside from a few fluke plays our D did play pretty well, the f**k up by Battle was a gimme to them. So all in all holding them to 2 TD's isn't too bad of a day for them.
Originally posted by PatrickWillisHOF:
So we all said that Atlanta game was just "one of those bad games that happen every once in a while". Well what happened today? I know that our offense was not producing in the first half, but our offense has struggled all season and our Defense kept us in the game. When we needed to make a key stop today, it didnt happen. For example, look at one of the Texans last drives. We had them at their own 15 and they complete a bomb to Andre Johnson, which later sets up a field goal. WHEN WE NEEDED THEM TO STEP UP AND MAKE A PLAY, IT DIDN'T HAPPEN.

Considering the fact that we "need" the defense to make a play every 2 minutes, because the offense punts the ball away every minute, I don't think they can be blamed for letting a couple plays slip through every once in a while when they are dead tired.

In the second half they "needed" to make many plays, and because they were not dead tired, they DID.
I was feeling this way during the game until my brother talked some sense into me.. Our D had forced 3 and outs against the Texans.. Battle's muffed punt hurt us in a HUGE way.. Now, I'm not saying that we would have stormed down the field or even that Houston wouldn't have scored if we were to have gone 3 and out if Battle caught the punt.. But to give them field position on a fumble where it's basically first and goal is unacceptable.. Most teams would capitalize off of that..

Our offense couldn't do anything which meant that our defense couldn't rest.. I hope Smith can be that shot in the arm that our offense needs, but I won't be getting my hopes up this time.. I want to see us put up some more W's before I start getting overly optimistic again..
This is interesting -


Singletary spoke in cryptic terms about players on the 49ers’ defense not obeying — or listening — to the defensive calls in the huddle. That might explain some of the mix-ups that have occurred in their back-to-back losses to Atlanta and Houston.

Those problems will be corrected, Singletary promised. Linebacker Patrick Willis is the defensive player in charge of relaying the defensive play from the sideline to his teammates in the huddle.

“You got guys starting to do their own thing,” Singletary said. “That’s when you really have to communicate very, very well. We just have to get on one page and relax and settle down.”
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Originally posted by Conejo:
the bomb to Andre was an excellent throw and an even better catch

one of Houston's TD's came on a short drive as a result of the Battle muffed punt

they only allowed 3 pts in the 2nd half

I'm not disappointed in them after this game. They shut down the run except for that late Slaton run, had decent pressure on the qb (couple of sacks, coverage ones I believe), and were facing one of the top passing offenses in the league.

1st half: our offense is barely on the field making our defense be out there and get tired quickly; 2nd half: our offense puts together nice drives and our defense responds.

Nope, I'll still put the blame on our anemic 1st half offense, and I'm primarily talking about our O-line and playcalling, and Shaun as the secondary blame-receiver

they shouldve stopped them on the last drive that 30 yd run by slaton is inexcuseabke if that didnt happen the game shouldve been ours
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
It's terribly disappointing the last 2 games. And despite what Scot M. tells you we continue to look slow chasing guys down. Teams move the ball on us at will and score easily. Speed kills us in game after game.

No matter what Alex and the offense do this defense is going to kill us. That and the O Line.

I don't get it on this board, are you guys watching the games at all? Besides for when Smith came in the D has been put in horrible position.
the offense punts from inside their own 10 and the D gets terrible field position to defend multiple times per game
the pr/kr fumbles the ball putting the other teams offense in scoring position
our time of posession has been garbage and the D plays all game long

don't get me wrong we got shredded by the Falcons no doubt. But this is a very good D that features the best defensive player in football. when the offense starts to do something like they did in the 2nd half vs.Hou the D stays off the field, gets better position etc.
the d gave up 17 pts yesterday (7 on the ST) no bad at all
the d played some great games earlier in the year have you forgotten about them?
the offense poor play/ST play in the 1st half plus penalties got us yesterday no the defense.
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