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Boone needs this whole year to develop and Briggs needs to have added at least 10 more pounds of muscle to be effective because he has some great moves but not strong enough to be effective with NFL starting Olinemen.

Scouts say the same thing about every "tweener" DE. Along the lines of "needs to add bulk and stregth to be effective against o-lineman". I'm sure the scouting reports on Leonard Little, Jevon Kearse, Elvis Dummevil, and every other tweener had the same comments. Not saying Briggs is anywhere near as good as those guys, but would love to see him elevated to 53 man roster.

To make room I would send Spurlock packing.

really glad to see the team brought up Briggs. I agree Boone is just not ready yet, this team badly needs to sign a real OL to play RT or RG and just play Snyder at the other spot.