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Do you think yhe niners would be better without a cap or worse?

Do you think yhe niners would be better without a cap or worse?

I think we would struggle, not because of the ownership but because the tram just doesn't have the income to compete.

And to all those posters claiming that the Yorks are cheap, where have you been? Or do you just have a selective memory? Both in the signing of FAs and in the renegotiation of contracts, they have proved that this old criticism is no longer valid
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This question can't believe beastly would even ask? Jones, Crabtree, Willis, Clements, Spikes...They all of them are beastlys. Willis tackle strong men beastly hurting, Clements fly like Korea missle to intercept ball out of super high air and especially super beastly Crabtree have beastly octopus tentacles catching and rampage like Godzilla of bubble screen. Money Yorks give away almost poor too much beast money not like Rams. Rams not beastly like 49ers. Alex Smith major beastly almost 100 million!?

49ers much same beast cap or no cap.
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worse. other owners are willing to pay more then ours....wish we had eddie back next year haha
Originally posted by matt49er:
Originally posted by danimal:
doesn't matter, same crap. They draft s**tty

yeah Willis, Staley, V.Davis, really stink
it sucked even worse when we drafted these players in later rounds Gore, D.Goldston, P.Haralson, D.Walker.
Kills me that ppl are so critical of the 9ers drafts those players above all range from superstar to solid player. Several were found in late rounds even a superstar in Gore. So VD took a couple years to develope, he also needed opportunities. Balmer/Rachel are lineman, it's not uncommon at all for a lineman to take a couple years to develope. I give you Alex Smith/David Baas/R.Woods but the 9ers have alot of very good draft picks and several that are just to young to be judged either way yet.

wow way to cherry pick. I guess you don't have the patience to list out all of the busts and basic non contributors huh?

I am going to go ahead and make the general assumption that it is impossible to draft well and STILL miss the playoffs annually and very often rank lowest in the league. So I am not sure how you can come to the conclusion that the Niners have been drafting well . I am sure you will next post how it was all the coaches faults
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I will lose some interest in football if they go to no-cap again, for the same reason I have lost interest in baseball. Without a cap, the sport becomes an oligarchy where the rich owners in big markets eat up every free agent until they buy the championship and the small market teams have to get lucky and never keep anyone.

I think the Niners would be worse off.
Worse. In a true free market economy, the 9ers would have a real tough time competing against the Cowboys, Redskins, and other high-dollar markets.
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Glad to see my fellow zoners being realistic, but I still can't believe anyone voting yes.
Originally posted by Spoonerism:
How much revenue do the 49ers generate compared to other teams??

I saw an article in forbes that lists the niners worth 865 million with 201 million in revenue. Dallas was number one with a 1.6 billion dollar worth generating 269 million in revenue. Of course, with Jones just dumping his first born into his new stadium I doubt he'd be happy with an uncapped year. However, their market value is 3 times what ours is.

I don't know much about revenue sharing but it's nothing a few winning seasons wouldn't change. If we go uncapped it will be up to Jed to see how far he can take us.

Here is the article from a year ago.


ah, but that new shiny stadium is included in the market value. if the niners had a new stadium their market value would be much higher.
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