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Who should be our #1 Receiver?

Who should be our #1 Receiver?

P.Willie is showing good hands so far, and given our offensive struggles, maybe we should at least try him at tight end, V.D. has the speed to line up as a receiver, why not?
Jerry Rice
sir. patrick willis
Who ever gets open and catch the most passes.
Someone who is faster then our tight end. As of right now we don't really have that now do we! I'll vote Crabtree with Morgan at #2 and Jones in the slot with Hill on the 4 wr spread option. Just my dream not yours.
Not Bruce.
Dom Ziegler
Kory Sheets because he is fast
Iheanyi Uwaezuoke

Brian Jennings he will strike fear into the defense with his team picture!
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Barry Simms plays TE for us sometimes. lets give him a shot.
As of now..

1. Crabtree- first rd pick, highly talented, like i compared him before to Ajohnson,Fitzgerald,Boldin and Kubiak comes in and says remind him of Johnson. Has to be our number 1 rite away..

2. Morgan- has frustrated us all a little bit, but i think Crabtree will be the best thing for him. They are both young, talented, Crabs may have the higher upside and talent potential, but Morgan can play, and we have all seen him make plays. Has to play with more emotion, and more consistent.

3. Bruce- still the best route runner on the team and knows how to get open. Can probably do better for us as a 3rd down receiver at this point in his career.

4. Jones- He should atleast get in there in 5-7 passing plays, maybe switch some time with Bruce. We all wanna see what he can do, and he did have a good camp before the injury.

5. Hill- I really like Hill, but it looks like hes having a hard time competeing against the others. I would like to see Hill get some time, but it looks like hes below the competition. Maybe next year he will be the number 3 or 4 when Bruce leaves.

6. Battle- I think hes going to return punts and maybe kicks. We will see how his role plays out, ive always been a Battle supporter. he will do anything it takes to win and be a good teammate
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