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What will our record be the rest of the season?

What will our record be the rest of the season?

I think we need to go 8-3 if we wanna win the division. Looking at the cards schedule the rest of they way they are facing a lot of weak pass defenses and very winnable games for them.
Well after looking at Arizona's remaining schedule this year I think it'd be extremely possible for them to go 10-6 or even 11-5 if they beat us or one of the other tougher teams they have on their schedule:

San Francisco - L
at Jacksonville - W
Indianapolis - L
Houston - W
at Seattle - W
at NY Giants - L
Carolina - W
at Chicago - L
Seattle - W
at St. Louis - W
at Tennessee - W
Minnesota - L
at San Francisco - L
at Detroit - W
St. Louis - W
Green Bay - W

We're gonna have to either match or top that with a much more questionable schedule which mean this game against Houston will be pretty HUGE.
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Originally posted by BobS:
Glad to see 6-5 winning early, that tells me all the overly optimistic fans have came back to Earth.

If we get to 4-2 everyone will be talking superbowl.
I'll go with 6-5. This might be enough to sneak into the playoffs, but I wouldn't expect them to make it beyond the first round if they do. Although they are playing better, for the most part, than they have the last half dozen years, they still aren't a bonafide playoff team. They could turn the corner next season and genuinely become a good playoff team with those two first rounders next year and some luck.
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