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How does Crabpubes perform in his first game?

How does Crabpubes perform in his first game?

crab pubes are mighty delicious with a twist of lemon and some butter.
Originally posted by showtime49:
People making insulting names for Crabtree is already stupid enough, but this is the worst.

Grow up

Mods please lock this thread.
1 catch 8 yards
Originally posted by susweel:
1 catch 8 yards
Crabpubes??? Are you ten years old or something???
3 catches for 210 yds 4tds and 3/3 on FG's

Oh and 1/1 on challenge calls

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They'll try that bubble screen crap with him a lot.....3 catches, 14 yards.
Originally posted by NJNiner:
Crabpubes? Is that the best you could do?

I'm wondering the same thing.

I think houston is going to plan against, even though its his firat game. This will probably seriously limit his production, or he will barely touch the field knowing jimmy raye
2 catches, 20 yards, 0 tds, lots of DIVA.
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I've never understood the name calling at all, whether it be crabtree, smith, davis, Hill or even Nolan... it all seems so childish

this one tops them all, pretty lame
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