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Too Much Panic! Remember '94

Now I'm not ready to say that this is a Superbowl caliber team at this point, but there is just too much panic after the whooping.

Again I don't think we're a superbowl team but I remember at the beginning of the '94 season when we played at crap at Arrowhead and then at home against a fairly good Eagles team we got absolutely blown out 40-8 and everybody was ready to hang it up for the season and all the aquistitions we got in free agency amounted to crap. The next week the coaching staff made some changes and we found a gem in William Floyd who proved himself in Detroit and with a few other tweaks the whole season was turned around and the rest is history.

Singletary is new, yeah, but give the guy at least a chance to make some changes, re-evaluate, and see what we got. You never know what we'll end up with.
I remember that game. Young grew some balls and the team was fired up from that point on :)
lol i am speechlesss
People are ready to jump off the bridge after Sheets was signed.
Originally posted by phatbutskinny:
lol i am speechlesss
I don't like the comparison to what happened to us in 94 against the Eagles to what happened on Sunday.

I'm personally am not panicking but I am concerned about the team especially on offense.

Our team in that loss to the Eagles in 94 was a veteran team, that were not playing together because it was built with a bunch of free agents,especially on the o-line and defense that had not previously played together. They rallied in the game after the Eagles game ( I think it was the Lions) after a poor first half showing and came together as a team to win the superbowl

What happened on sunday is different because this team is a young team that is still building an identity for itself as a tough hard nosed team that is going to win with ball management and tough defense. We currently are not as experienced as the 94 team and that team had a QB that could make all the throws and had a HOF offensicve line coach IMO. Atlanta was a hard loss because this teams psyche is fragile because of our recent history of losing. Sing's coaching helps them to be tougher than what they were but its still in the back of their minds.Its a different situation and I don't think you can expect to see the same results. they will learn from this loss but keep the expectations in check too.
Seriously, what is this like the 10th time?

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LOL another remember 94. some of you guys crack me up
LOL wow

We are not that team.
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Shaun Hill = Steve Young!!!!
This current 49ers team is closer to the team that got waxed by 41-0 by KC a few years ago then the 94 team.

The 94 team was tops in just about every category on offense, this team is lower then 20.

Its a comparison that has no basis in reality.
Originally posted by DonJulio:
We are not that team.

What are you talking about? Didn't Shaun have the most rushing yds in the last game? I'm not saying he's the next Steve Young, but this could be the turning point for him! Then we got Crabs coming in, and I'm not saying he's the next Jerry Rice, but wasn't he like the greatest college WR ever?! I'm not sayin' this is the year, but you never know!

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Please make it stop, there is no comparison. For those that think there is, name one.
Other than Willis, and the kickers, no one on the current team would start for the 94 squad.

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