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Alex Smith's future with the team

Stays home during bye to work with Crabtree, takes pay cut, works out nonstop, has the smarts to audible/manage pass blocking.

I can go on and on with this, this guy was suppose to be our future but all we did was poop on his chest with five different offensive coordinators before kicking him to the curb. If anything we should just make him our assistant offensive coordinator since he's a walking encyclopedia of what not to ****ing do.

I'm always amazed at people who tell me "he sux look at his stats" because it becomes obvious to me that they've never seen him play, in college or the pros. To develop as a quarterback in the NFL you need a little thing called a coach and when Alex Smith came into this league as a rookie he was greeted by San Francisco's Quarterback coach Jim Hostler. Yes, the same Jim Hostler who was only able to muster up 23 touchdowns as offensive coordinator in the 2007 season. This along with not having receivers to throw the ball to and not having blockers to give him time in the pocket is the reason as to why Smith has the stats that he has.

Now that we have a real #1 WR on the team we need a quarterback that will be able to develop chemistry with him for years to come and to be truthful, a 29 y/o "game manager" who throws a deep ball that come down "like a punt" is not going to develop anymore than he already has. The simple truth of the matter is that we can no longer just hope for the best anymore. We're stubborn to think that we can get to the playoffs with a game manager at the quarterback position when our defense is giving up 45 points to decent at best teams. We need a playmaker and as of right now Shaun Hill is not a playmaker. I'm not saying that we need to bench Shaun Hill for Alex or Nate, I'm just saying that we need to be searching for a future piece to this puzzle. If it's not Hill then is the piece on our bench? Or will we need to get it in a future draft?

Thoughts, flames or comments?
good for Alex
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Could have went in many Alex Smith threads in 9ertalk. And yes, what you have said, has been , mentioned 1,001 times on this board. So please use the search function, thank you.
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