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0-2 outside of the division

Now i realize the vikings game was a last second lost but it is still a loss and now the two games we played outside of the division we lost.

Is this start to the season all smoke and mirrors or what? We have the bye then houston, if we dont be them we could easily lose to the colts and be 3-4 just like that.

So what is the deal are we a competitive team outside the division or just good enough right now to compete with the s**tty NFC West?
Well I say as of now, all that winning record at home and of the past is irrelevant. Fact is we have yet to beat a team outside our division, but Marty is back in Seattle so we gotta keep an eye on them now. I say if we go under.500 for the first half of the season. Like the announcers said, this offense needs a spark, maybe they should put Alex smith in.

We played a team that said imma let you beat us score for score, and we culdnt get it done. We can blame the oline all we want too, but when they did hold, he still only missed tons of underneath throws or threw way over or behind the receiver when going long. Except for that bomb to morgan that he told coach he culdnt catch cuz the ball came down like a punt.

I says we have to win at least 2 of our next 3 games to not make a major move
Our division is weak. I don't expect to win much outside of it.
We have not beaten any team with a wining record ! until then we are pretenders ! if we lose to the Texans then we are for a long season ! OL , QB and Passrush !
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But Shaun Hill is 10-5 as a starter! That is what a lot of zoners keep saying. The offense is very poor, Hill is a career 3rd stringer, Alex Smith has had enough chances.
We have guys who on another team would be fighting over the 3rd string job, competing for starter. Until the QB position is upgraded this will be a mediocre team.
Watching MNF last night, it was a second stringer vs a guy who still could have been in college, both looked 10 times better than what we have, to me that is pathetic. Smith and Hill don't even look comfortable in the pocket, they both run into sacks, Hill throws at people's feet, Alex over their head. They both make this a team that will average 260 yards of offense and finish 8-8 or 9-7. I honestly did see a professional football team whose QB looked less comfortable than Hill and has a weaker arm, but I was watching lingerie football!
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To be fair the 2 teams we've played out of the division are 2 of the best teams in the conference. What's worse is we have Philly and Indy still to play. That's 4 SB contenders. We're a decent team, but not on that level and could lose all 4. Look at it this way: we likely only need to win 6 or 7 more games to secure the division, so really if we can win 3-4 out of division games we're golden.
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