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Did Crabtree Soap Opera contribute to the loss?

Did Crabtree Soap Opera contribute to the loss?

you can't be serious they got beatdown straight up no distractions
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I think it has something to do with our QB and OL sucking.
whoever voted yes should be backhand slapped
Originally posted by SF2AZNiner:
I think it was more the players being overconfident after beating up on the Lambs;)

my thoughts exacty!!!
Of course it did. It presented a 70 point differential. If we hadn't been dealing with this the score would have been reversed. Doesn't matter that we imploded, played dumb etc, if it wasn't for Crabtree we would have won.

Sorry, this is just so s****p.
i say no, but coach sing did admit they werent what was the reason?

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No, for the most part I don't buy into "distractions". These are grown men and professionals.
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Never know, the timing is sure unfortunate though
A good reality check for the niners last weekend.

Why did he use all 3 of out timeouts before the half and left us with no challenges?

Look I know what you're trying to say, but we just weren't ready. As professionals you have to perform no matter what.
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should be a "maybe" option
Originally posted by King49er:
Originally posted by King49er:

Why, it's not your post ?
i sure think so.
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