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Matt Ryan carved us a new one

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....and... didnt even give us a reach a roun.....

HS coach used to tell the team that all the time.

"blah blah blah they (many expletives) and didn't even have the common courtesy to...."

What I've been wondering to myself is that there seems to be more of these early bloomers at QB than ever. Ryan in ATL, Flacco in BAL, Sanchez in NY, etc. or is it just me?

How do the coaches prepare these guys to operate their systems so quickly and comfortably? HOW COME WE HAVE NO SUCH LUCK?????

I swear, I wish there was a QB coaching for dummies or a boxed dvd set like baby can read or muzzy for this stuff. Still have hopes for Davis.

What are you talking about...we had not one but two HOF QB's play back to back over a 20+ year stretch. Not to mention the guys like Y.A. Tittle. Just be patient and be happy you're not a Bengals fan.

^I'm sure that bodes well for any dolphin fan that can remember Marino.

I'm speaking about the last decade or so. It's not like after Young things went smoothly. We were still trying to find a successor while he was still here and we went through a few of those. Then when we finally get a decent one(hand picked by Walsh no less) we run him outta town over money.

My whole point is that when we get these guys, they're bad, like instantly worst in the league bad. Everyone shares the blame and while most of these guys fizzled when they parted ways some of that has to fall on the selection process and coaching.
Ryan was scarcely touched by the Niner pass rush. The pass rush was so inept that he wasn't even required to take a single step right or left for most of the game before throwing a strike to a receiver. This game was a shootout, and unfortunately, the Niners had nothing but blanks. Did Hill even complete a pass thrown longer than 10 yards? I think I remember one to VD at the end of the game that was thrown for about 12, but I don't recall any others thrown over 10 yards.

Hill looked awful, and some of that was caused by pressure (another poor day by the Oline), but even when Hill had the time, Hill's passes were sailing out of bounds or bouncing 5 yards in front of the intended target. What a contrast in QB and Oline play between Atlanta and the Niners.
He looked good. If they stay together over there they will be easily a top team every year. Really impressive!!!! Good for them.

Reality check or us and we need to wake up before its too late!!!
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