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UNFORTUNATELY for us, NO CHANGES in the near future......

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Originally posted by BHulman:
I think one change for next year will be a new offensive coordinator (yet again).

Remember we went on a long interview for a QB coach for this specific reason. NOt only is he grooming Davis and the other QBs, but he probably take over when Ray is gone.

P.S the QB really seem to speak highly of him.

That is good. I am hearing good things about Johnson. But if Turner becomes available I think the Niners should grab him.

i want turner back without a doubt. sd will be his last ever hc job book it. i hope johnson is learning nothing from raye
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Originally posted by ZRF80:
Yep........cause Gore is coming back. And I think this team thinks that with Gore, ALL our problems will be solved. Too bad no one will realize that outside the 2 big runs against Seattle, Gore is averaging less than 3 yards per run.

So we will continue this conservative "keep it close" offense, and when we play big teams, we will get crushed. I love Singletary, but he's too hardheaded to change his ways.

It's gonna get worse before it gets better folks.......

Did you not notice the line can't block, the quarterback can't throw, and the receivers either cannot get open or catch. The world's greatest offensive genius could not do much with this bunch. The problem outside of Gore and Davis is lack of talent, not play calling.
I have said this since game 2 we are not a good O team people are blinded by wins against mediocre teams
We don't have a whole lotta changes to make. Coach Mike is who he is and will stick to his style of play. We have no new personnel to bring in other then Gore.

This was a tough loss, but I don't think major changes are needed. I think we just lack the talent to play the style of offense Coach Mike prefers. I think we are a year away yet. Thankfully the talent lacks just enough to allow for a 1st half of the round draft position for us. We need one more very solid draft and a few key FA acquisitions, then we will be legit contenders.

A new OC couldn't hurt, but I don't see Raye goin anywhere honestly.
I agree with the title, but I disagree with your assessment of Singletary. Yes, he wants ball control offense and win with defense, but he is more than willing to change to win. Problem is he hired Jimmy Raye, who is inept.

It's a very bad day for the D, but the O clearly is incapable of picking up the slack. Zero point in the 2nd half after being down by a bunch is unacceptable. And how can they explain so many communication problems on pass plays ... at home. The OL can't even block 3 rushers. There's no leadership after Hill. I was hoping Davis would grab somebody by the throat to wake them up, but... nothing. Terrible!
The real offense is being stashed on the practice squad. After the bye, Raye will unleash Alex, J.Hill, B.Jones, K.Sheets and M.Crabtree on an unsuspecting Texans team and the routs will be on for the rest of the year.

Have no fear my fellow Niner faithful, the Alex Smith Phoenix will rise from the ashes of this game.

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How the hell can you say the offense wasn't the reason we lost today? We have the most three-and-outs in the entire league and this trend continued today. It's pathetic. Our defense is tired and Hill is out there throwing 3 yard passes on 3rd down and long. WTF? Have some balls and throw something down the field with a damn spiral. I have to see Hill play lights out next week. He has to show something because this is not a playoff team with Hill playing the way he is. We're too limited on offense. Our guys are open but Hill simply doesn't have the arm strength to get the ball there. And the last play of the game? How the hell do you throw the ball behind the WR when no one is even near you? f**king embarrassing.
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