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High-priced Scout Team

Originally posted by Xestenz:
Sorry if I wasn't clear -- I totally agree that right now Crabtree practicing this way is the logical and smart thing to do.

This isn't meant to bash Smith either, although we seem to have quietly accepted his situation.

My point is that the situation itself is strange to me. What other team in the NFL has a 1st overall pick throwing to the 'best' receiver in the last draft in mid-October, and it isn't in on a Sunday?

If anything, it shows the fortitude of this coaching staff and administration, and the proof of their vision is that we are winning without these guys.

former #1 pick David Carr was throwing to Mario Manningham and Steve Smith. ok so i know they're not first round picks, but they are looking to be solid WRs. a 2nd and 3rd rounder = a first rounder right??

Originally posted by backontop:
Originally posted by Godsleftsock:
It's a sign that our team is so amazing that we have two first rounders on our practice squad

They're not on the PS they are on the roster but running the scout team for the defense.

My bad, I thought scout team in my head but my fingers are 'tarded.
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Originally posted by cNiner:
Originally posted by valrod33:
we should give our scout team a nickname

60 Million dollar scouts !

Ooh ooh!

The Practice Red-Fog!!! guys were being sarcastic

(Erases dry-erase board)

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Originally posted by valrod33:
we should give our scout team a nickname

you are sick
thats how we do it baby !
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