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Takeo Spikes Tweets About Michael Crabtree

Originally posted by A-R-S:
Im getting a Spikes jersey if this guy sticks around a few more years. He's awesome.

He was alwasy a SOLID player until he had that run in with the injury bug & he also played for bad teams like the Bungals & Bills so he didnt get no recognition.

Originally posted by teeohh:
that's good

the locker room has picked up on that old std joke

No defense will want to handle our offense with without some serious protection.
It's good to see that veterans like Spikes are accepting him and moving on. Of course I would expect that, or at least expect that publically. I'm sure there's going to be some hazing by some of the players, but we're never going to hear about that, and I hope that type of stuff doesn't go too far.
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