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Do the Niners stay away from players represented by Parker in the 1st round?

Maybe the players getting drafted in the first round should stay away from parker
if you dont want to pick a player in the first round. hahaha. he reps A LOT of players. just move on.
Uh, no. Agents have nothing to do with which players are drafted.
Niners can't let a players agent influence who they pick with the current draft pick.

Picking players based on what agent represents them is a fail every time plain and simple. Niners stood there ground and basicly signed Crabtree for the same contract they have been offering all along. Why change anything?
Yes, If those players are Tebow, Bradford, or McCoy
Originally posted by Daniel2778:
Maybe the players getting drafted in the first round should stay away from parker


Put yourself in a player's shoes. You've just seen a massive collapse on the part of Eugene Parker, and a top ten client getting screwed in the process.

Do you think that when Eugene comes calling to sign new talent that you would put your name on the dotted line?

Or do you sign with someone else?

My thinking would be that the Top 20 players in any given draft class would avoid Parker like the H1N1 Flu.
No. Ewwwgene got schooled.
Why would the 49ers be intimidated by someone they totally owned?
I wouldn't worry about it next year

I guess we will never know for sure, but I kind of think it was more Crabtree than Parker. I would not let the agent sway my draft strategy
Originally posted by StOnEy333:
You draft players on skill, and their ability to help the team. Period.
The Niner's just embarrassed him. Other agents take notes please.
i think this is backwards actually..

i think future rookies avoid HIM, he had his client hold out the entire training camp and 4 games into the regular season for nothing...
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