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What channel or website will the press conference be on?

Originally posted by BirdmanJr:
did it start yet????

Crabtree is 5 minutes late.

So after missing training camp and 1/4 of the season, he's still late to a pres conference
Just saw Maiocco and Barrows chatting in the press room on ESPN
He looks like he's been staying in shape!!!!
Rolling now...
Damn Crabtree looks shy.
Singletary: "Excited about his attitude" hmmm lol
I hope Crabs is listening to everything coach is saying as he introduces his @ss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm watching live on NFLN, Crabs looks like he's still in great shape as people have reported!
Originally posted by Xestenz:
Damn Crabtree looks shy.

always been shy!!!!

coach sing, where going to get him in after the bye, we will find ways to get him in the games.
MS: MC will not play this week
MS: 49ers have applied for an exemption with the league
lol wow
Crabtree -- 'I'm humble.'

'Can't wait to get with my team mates, Sing, and get out there on Sundays'

'I will block and run go routes for no reason -- whatever to take help this team win.'

'I watch every game -- very closely.'
MS: here's MC you guys only got him for few min cause he needs to get on the pratice field and start learning the plays.

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