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Do you think crabtree will sign by tomorrow?

It sure sounds like Crabtree would like to get it done with the hotel employee over hearing him tell MC to "get it done" ....... but now were back to the business portion of this with the three proposals on the table. I could see it getting done soon but then again with Parker it could easily be more than a day away too. ????????

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If/when he does sign I will be lost for things to do. AFter spending copious amounts of time checking the internet for updates everyday for the past few months.

At least my work productivity should increase again!
I'm thinking HELL YEAH!
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Nope, trade that bum for draft picks already.
Originally posted by blunt_probe:
Nope, trade that bum for draft picks already.

OMGZ HE'LL NEVER SIGN! Hiz heart is in Dallas!
sweet. i was wrong. good things happen when I wear my jerseys. I wore my crabtree one today. ^_^
yeah, i think he'll sign!
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