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With The Season 1/4 Over..What Grade Do You Give This Team

With The Season 1/4 Over..What Grade Do You Give This Team

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Originally posted by ninerfan818:
I gave it a B also. Thanks to a Defense that is killing it we are doing great things. Against the really good teams though it won't be enough as people here have clearly mentioned. IMHO we are 2 solid o-lineman, a QB and a WR short of being a super bowl contender.

We are doing great with what we have at the moment and if we catch up on the offensive side of the ball...the team is on pace to win 10 games....could they...could they???

The math tells me they are on a 12 win pace, so dropping a couple and calling it 10 absolutely seems to quite doable.
Originally posted by qnnhan7:

Running game very iffy with exception of Seattle, but Seattle has always been Frank Gore's b#tch. Pass blocking sucks. Good D but needs Offense to show up so they can last till the end of 4th quarters. Passing games improving but still lacking. A lot to improve before I can go with a B

I go along with you - C grade.

This team's offence is offensive. No consistency.

OC knows Hill is somewhat limited and has very conservative plays for him. Kill the clock, minimize chances for turn overs.

Yeah, we could do much better on offense, but I'm just glad we're winning again. It's been wwwwaaaaaaaayyyyyyy too long.

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I want to say C with the teams we've beaten; but, 3-1 has got to be at least a B.

O = C+
D = A-
ST = B-

Total = B
Offense C - not very impressive when it comes to yards, but not many turnovers and Hill has a knack for making plays at the right time

Defense A - not a weak spot on the defense. Playmakers in the secondary, linebacking core, and d-line.

Special Teams A- - Nedney has been strong except for his miss today and a couple of short kickoffs. Lee has been great and the return units have been unspectacular but they don't turn the ball over. Only big blemish was the Harvin return last week.
B. We should be 4-0, but for a predictable, conservative offense. Defense has earned an A, offense a C, ST's a B, grading out to an overall B.
Offense C
New system and making strides. Need better play from the Oline. Which looked solid in preseason so we know its there.
Defense A+
I don't think I really have to go here. Sacks, turnovers, ST touchdown's and defensive touchdowns and we were worried about our run D.
Special Teams B
Not as explosive as last year on the kick returns but the return TD against the vikes hurt us but very solid overall.

Team A-

Offense needs to really step up if we want to make it to the playoffs and do some damage once we make it. Our defense has dominated. He still have room for improvement and I believe it will only get better. Rams always give us a hard time and to smash them like this is good.
Offense : C -
Defense : A+
Overall : B

Our defense is playing like a top 5 in the league and playing with high intesity!! Our offense needs to find consistincy, the Oline needs to work things out and we definitely need to better the 3rd down efficiency. 3-1 at the quarter break and good thing is we just beat St.Louis 35-0 with little help from the offense, now if we can get that side of the ball to consitintly match the defense!!
Originally posted by D_Niner:
I want to say C with the teams we've beaten; but, 3-1 has got to be at least a B.

O = C+
D = A-
ST = B-

Total = B

Took the words right out of my mouth.

Offense - D+/C- and improving. Like the passing on 1st down, not as predictable. I'm not seeing run run pass punt anymore and I like it. Keep mixing it up Raye.

Defense B+/A-. Awesome. Extremely impressed, look forward to seeing them on the field, still a little concered about our DBs.

ST - C.

Originally posted by SanDiego49er:

The D is awesome. Frank Gore is running well. Coffee is good. VD is turning the corner. The coach is doing a good job. The team overall is much better than expected.

The O and passing game specifically are still bad. QB and WR are terrible. The RT position has some problems as do Guard and Center positions on pass blocking. We are not a real great passing team at this point.

the qb is terrible? take a look in oakland to see a terrible qb.

shaun hill has a 90+ qb rating, 5 TD's and 1 int. are you seriously calling this terrible?

sometimes i wonder wtf people are watching. hill isn't a top-tier passer, but TERRIBLE? lollerskates
Originally posted by D_Niner:
I want to say C with the teams we've beaten; but, 3-1 has got to be at least a B.

O = C+
D = A-
ST = B-

Total = B

I gave us a B, only because the offense is not up to par yet. This team can do some damage this year for sure.
Originally posted by 9erfreak:
Offense................ C+
Defense............... A
Special Teams...... B+

Overall Grade....... B
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