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no ONE is talking about us!

It's all about the East Coast bias and Dallas bias. Other than that, the NFL don't care. Even when AZ made it to the superbowl, they dont get any love

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Some east coast talking head type said that there was an east coast bias and it was because the eastern teams were all better, in every sport. That's what he said.

No, it is pure laziness. They produce all the tapes of the local games, write the one-liners, come up with nicknames and edit everything. Then they are too tired to do the same for the later games.

They don't want to do hard things like look at maps of the west to see where cities are or what the names of stadiums are.

So, they just go off to the bar and the interns back in the studio run the same tapes over and over again.

Seriously, it is just laziness.....
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Originally posted by JoeCool031619:
Espnews had a story tonight about the bay area teams going in opposite directions and they had a phone interview with a bay area writer about us & oakland (can't remember his name) but who are we to warrant heavy coverage?we're only 3-1 & our division is a joke. Plus all the talk is about Favre (what a surprise) playing the Packers... When we beat the colts we'll have all the coverage you can handle...

I hate to be a negative nancy, but I don't think any team can beat the Colts right now. Manning is playing lights out and their defense ain't half bad either. They don't need to be with an offense like that. I'd like to think if our defense smacks around their Wide receivers and knocks them off their routes we will have a chance.
watch when the vikings play and beat the lambs it will be all over espn, nfl, cbs, and pretty much everywhere
Being 3-1 after six straight losing season doesn't exactly skyrocket you to overnight respect.

People are taking notice...but outside of us fans, they are looking at it from the perspective of a team that struggles on offense, & waiting to see that catch up with them & cause them to start losing games. That is what they talk about in the National media when I see them talk about the 49ers.
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Originally posted by Chico:
very little on NFL network, very little on ESPN...just NO respect! I like it this way...keep us under the radar!

i dk what your talking about, I was watching espn all day and they were talking about us and how good willis is, and how good our defense has become under singletary
This is so typical, there was barely coverage of us after the opening day win against the defending NFC champs. Last week was a big love-fest for Favre; not the kind of coverage i want to see again.
Anyway-- it's early still and i dont' mind flyin under the radar. We beat down an opponent we "were suppsed to." We still have room for improvement (O-line), and time to start planning for Atlanta. Go Niners!
Stop being so dramatic guys. Before the Vikings game EVERYONE was talking about the Niners. This week they beat perhaps the worst team in the league like everyone thought they would, so there really is no new news.

Now, leading up to the Atlanta game they will probably begin to hype that game more, especially since it is the only NFC afternoon game on Fox.
Singletary likes it that way.

Originally posted by Chico:
very little on NFL network, very little on ESPN...just NO respect! I like it this way...keep us under the radar!

just watch after the Atlanta game !
Originally posted by 49ersBest1:
My brother asked who patrick willis is. The less exposure the better. The less teams expect the better.

Wow , he dosen't go out much ?
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Yup Favre stole our thunder and it's up to the team to take it back by beating Atlanta.

Mean time I don't think I ever have before or ever will in the future root for Green Bay as full on as I will be tonight. I am about as Favre'd out as any self respecting man can be.
Maybe since a lot of folks on this site are from the bay area they feel this way b/c they don't encounter a lot of other teams fans as you would lvivng in anotehr city and bieng a Niners fan. Living in DC, and going out to bars and stuff and you would see fans from other teams, and even your friends. These are the comments you would get. "Alex Smtih is terrible" Y'all need a new coach" "wtf happened y'all used to always be good" "who the hell are y'all WR's." You basically got laughed at. Now when you go out folks are saying the following "How come y'all haven't been starting Hill," "Singletary isn't going for the bull and he got y'all playign hard." "VD stopped all his bull and is playing better." Folks are talking about the Niners and your average football fan has a lot more respect for the Niners. As far as tv goes somebody tell me the last time anybody beat the Rams and they highlighted and talked about that game nationally? Not to mention it's all about Farve right now.

I want ZERO pub.

I want NO respect.

I want everyone to think that we are the "same old Niners".

You should want that, too. It will work wonders for us. Trust me.
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