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no ONE is talking about us!

I hope it's this way "when" we win our division and make the Playoffs. But I expect them to finally talk about us if we reach the SB.
My brother asked who patrick willis is. The less exposure the better. The less teams expect the better.
there would be coverage of the game had we lost. Upset of the week. Because it happened as it did there is nothing to report. Just lots of news about our O-line not performing.
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Originally posted by Dajanksta:
lol i swear i was watching nfl network and i saw colts highlights and jets highlights like 3 or 4 times over. never saw the niner highlights after the hr so i stopped watching lol

Exactly my point! I was frustrated looking for 49er highlights!!!
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Originally posted by Chico:
very little on NFL network, very little on ESPN...just NO respect! I like it this way...keep us under the radar!

us? you and who?
If we had won last week and were 4-0 that would be a story!, but beating the hapless Rams...Next week after we crush the Falcons... they will talk!
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I thought this was a significant achievement for the 49ers this week. We were expected to crush the lambs, and we did just that. We aren't a weak team that can kill giants. We are a solid team that plays everyone tough, usually getting a W at the end of the game. If we play a weak team, we win big time. I SO loved this game. (:
"If" we beat the falcons that will change that for the rest of the season.

Go Niners!!!
We did what was expected of us therefore it is not news worthy.

I like that we are UTR lets keep it that way

Espnews had a story tonight about the bay area teams going in opposite directions and they had a phone interview with a bay area writer about us & oakland (can't remember his name) but who are we to warrant heavy coverage?we're only 3-1 & our division is a joke. Plus all the talk is about Favre (what a surprise) playing the Packers... When we beat the colts we'll have all the coverage you can handle...
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good, we want it that way dude.
Dude I live in GA, I promise you people are talking about us. I have numerous experts call us the best team in the west. Raving about our attitude under Sing. I have actually yet to hear a negative report about us.
Something stirs in the west.
NOBODY talks about the NFC West in general..

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