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Defensive post-game analysis (Game 4)

Originally posted by Thizz415:
Brooks=playing great
The BEST part of todays game was the fact that Manusky used Willis and Spikes to BLITZ! I think he FINALLY got it or was watching Rex Ryan press conferences. We are finally seeing a defense that is starting to dictate offenses and that is what a 3-4 defense is designed to do. I hope he keeps it up not just b/c it was against the Rams.

PS: Brooks is an absolute stud. I don't know why he's only used so sparingly but we have GOT to get this guy on the field = explosive!
Willis blitzing up the middle= unstoppable/nightmare for opposing offenses!
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Is Lawson okay? He was taken out of the game in the 4th with a bloody nose or something.
chew on this fact about the D

The 49er have allowed fewer points through their first four games than the 2000 Ravens.

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Nice to see the D finally become as good as we all hoped.
We have a pretty good team visiting us next week, and known for their rushing offense & schemes. Something tells me Matt Ryan will have to throw quite a bit in order to win the game.

Man, it's been a while since I felt this positive about our defense!
Originally posted by PatrickJira411:
Im not sure there is a better defensive player in the NFL right now than Patrick Willis, honestly who is better?
Willis = Nano Blitz!

our defense ranked 6th now
I saw a few missed tackles today, and the Rams drove it down the field on us a few times. This defense REALLY needs to step up its game!!!

Originally posted by teeohh:
our defense ranked 6th now

The Vikings and Eagles haven't played yet so their averages can easily go up when their games are finished.
We're tied for 3rd in total points allowed with the Falcons, but them not playing today is probably the only reason they've only given up 53 points so far. So we are 3rd in the league in PPG against our defense.
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I thought this was funny. A Seachicken fan says:

"But surely by now our defense should be pretty good right? It didn't take Mike Singletary long to get his defense playing how he wants. It took Rex Ryan about an hour to get his defense working in New York.

Something just isn't right."

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