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Defensive post-game analysis (Game 4)

Defense really looks complete.
Willis is the best defensive player in the NFL
J.Smith is a pro bowl DL
Clements is playing like a top tier CB
Spikes is playing like a beast
Lawson has arrived
Spencer is playing well
Goldston looks good
Franklin looks really good
R.Mcdonald looks good
Balmer is starting to show something
Brooks is starting to show something
BLy still has something left
M.Lewis is playing well
ICE has looked ok-non existent today though

alot of these players aren't even sniffing their prime yet, this could be a dominate D for years to come.

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Willis, Lawson, Spikes

WRs where shut down, Jackson was pretty much shut down, QB sacked 5 times, 1 INT for 6 and a big ole shut out.

Our defense is playing amazing. All 11 guys (on the field) (we really have 13 or 14 good defensive players of you include our backups Bly, Ray Mac and Ahmad Brooks) are playing so so well. Patrick Willis is playing at all-world level, Nate Clements and Justin Smith are playing at pro bowl level, Manny Lawson is playing really well, Shawntae Spencer is playing like a shutdown corner.... just simply our D is playing GREAT football! I would say we have a top 5 defense right now
Thank you defense, 31 fantasy points today
COMPLETE domination by our defense. Wow. What I particularly liked is that everyone got involved, from J Smith to Lawson to Brooks, Spikes, etc.... With everyone doing their part, Willis was allowed to play free, and he is scary when that happens (2.5 sacks and a pick-6).

Can't wait til next week, I think it will be a better gauge because Atlanta has a LOT of playmakers on offense. For now, though, I'll be happy with a Raiders and Cowboys loss combined with a SHUTOUT of the Lambs.

GO NINERS!!!!!!!
I think they are OK......................are you kidding? Gotta love how all three areas of the defense are performing well.
The defensive perfromance brought a tear to my eyes. Manny finally beat guys in one on one situations and made plays. Willis making a case for best defensive player in the NFL bar none.
#1 in the NFC in rushing D and our passing D got a nice boost today as well
Originally posted by Afrikan:
SO happy to see Bly back on the field at the end of the game

as well as Goldson..... I really really like our secondary.

I will take our secondary and esspecially our 3 corners, over anyone else's in the NFL. Goldson has been great at FS to and Michael Lewis is playing his best football since he came to SF IMO while our corners have been great, Spencer and Clements are playing like pro bowler's, Dre Bly is the best 3rd/nickel corner in football, IMO and heck we got a very good 4th corner to in Tarrell Brown.
Ahmad Brooks for the 2nd week in a row played well in a limited role.

If Willis continues to play like this, and we make the playoffs, there's no way he's not DPOY. Also, I love the fact that any game, any one of our LB's can make a huge impact. You never heard anything about Harlyson in this game, but he's still our best outside pass rusher. Of course it does help alot that the D Line is playing awesome. Go 9ers!!
Im not sure there is a better defensive player in the NFL right now than Patrick Willis, honestly who is better?
Great game by everyone on defense! These are the types of games a defense has to have to become a dominate one.
1 Rushing 1st Down Allowed, 5 Sacks, 1 Interception,2 Fumble Recoveries, Rams Net Yards Rushing 95, Net Yards Passing 82. Thats what Im talking about!!!!
Niners really opened up a can today. I don't care how they are getting it done, this 49er team deserves a boatload of respect baby! GO NINERS!
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