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J. Smith fined

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All that aside, I still say Lewis was out of bounds on the TD catch. I don't care what anyone else says. He was out of bounds! F#@k$ng Refs!!!

Mate you obviously have some ocular issues.

Maybe a trip to the optometrist?

if they had called it incomplete on the field, it would of stayed that way. Insufficient evidence to overturn the call either way. I'm almost 100% sure the edge of his shoe was on the edge of the line though. But no way in hell they were gonna over turn whatever call they made on the field.

Only to biased eyes were was that foot out of bounds. He had a good inch of room. It's very clear on the replay. I hated it more than anyone but there is no arguing that call. The Smith and Spencer penalties were blatant favoritism calls in favor of the vikings. I have no idea how they get away with that.
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speaking of ridiculous calls... they reviewed Spencers taunting call on NFL Network and Pereira said, with a straight face, that Spencer was obviously taunting the player face to face.

Woodson and Rich Eisen showed the camera angle facing Spencer where it obviously showed him looking at the crowd and not the receiver, but Mike Pereira for some reason only decides to show the tv angle from the sideline which doesnt prove s**t.

I have never seen this guy stand up and say, "My bad, my refs f**ked up on this one" Some how he always finds a way to defend them...

plain and simple Periera is a DUMBASS and DOUCHE.
I didn't realize guys got fined for these types of hits. Just thought it was a penalty. NFL way too petty with that.
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