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49ers Ring

Is this real.

end thread

"Studded with the best quality pure white CZ's. Custom made with 24kt gold plating."
What kind of football player would go around wearing CZ studded rings?
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No, it's not real, but I have seen people wear those before. To the casual observer, it looks like a genuine Super Bowl ring and man are they huge. If you're into fan shwag, it might be worth it if you don't have to spend too much, but it's never going to be worth any real money - it's not an investment.
I just made an offer! I hope they bite

yeah rite
Those things are worth 50,000 just on face value and probably add another 250,000 for sentimental and rarity value.
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That thing is cool, its fake but still cool!
I like the '94 ring better.
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Anyone catch the seller name... "cybertrees"

I think Michael is trying to sell fake 49er rings on eBay to make up for the money he's losing out on this year.

hahahahaha!!! ....oh mercy...
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