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when is his contact up. and do the niners plan to extend or let him test the market, if that happens we will lose him quick.

just wondering?
his contract will definitely be extended. No need to worry. i hope.
Pay this man now

give him Crabtree's money and more
No way we let Willis leave in FA, I bet we let 2-3 other players go to make cap room for Willis before McCloughan lets that happen. Besides i highly doubt Willis would want to leave coach sing and the niners.

As long as we throw a fair deal on the table I bet VD will want to stay too because sing is the HC.
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Originally posted by ads_2006:
Pay this man now

give him Crabtree's money and more
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I think we make willis the highest paid LB in the league.
He WILL get a hefty contract extension, probably in the offseason or early next season. This organization can't possibly be stupid enough to let one of the best young linebackers in the NFL test the FA market.
Willis is the kind of guy who won't leave as long as coach sing is there. I think they have a bond.
What's a contact?
Originally posted by NJNiner:
What's a contact?


Originally posted by NJNiner:
What's a contact?

Either a sales lead, or something you put in your eye to see better. a monster. /thread
Originally posted by BBuZzB28:
I love Patrick Willis's beasts and very good blitz to defense.. P'willis is so best that good damn..

I don't see Willis as the type of guy that would leave us. Maybe because I think he really likes being here with what we have going on and Singletary. Anyone else feel the same?
im sure willis loves this team, coaches, community and fans. he will want to finish what he started here and bring a sb with singletary and the rest of the guys. as long as we dont low ball him which no way in hell we do, willis will retire a 9er and be the face of this team and d like lewis is and has always been with the ravens.
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